Clean. Simple. Less noises

Livingrm is the personal social network for friends, family, and yourself. Relaxed, stretch your legs, and enjoy.

Privacy: no guess work

Livingrm uses a simple and powerful privacy design so that there are no complicated privacy settings to forget.

Livingrm is also designed to be much safer overall. Your activities and comments will only be broadcasted to your intended audiences. You will never need to worry about information being shared or leaked to apps and third-party websites.

Groups: mini social networks

Every group is a private or public mini social network within Livingrm. You can create a private group with just a few friends, or join a public group such as your city group. Groups can have their own group member profiles, making Livingrm endlessly extendable.

Friendar: manages friend relationships

Friendar is a fun and useful tool to help you manage friend relationships. It measures the 'closeness' or, the 'relationships' between you and each of your friends by calculating In-scores between you and your friends, and displays them in a radar screen.


Livingrm is a "dual-core" social network. It has one network for friends and a separate network for family members. You can safely use Livingrm for both friends and family. For example, your friends will not see your family list (and your contents for family only), and vice versa.

Photos: share, and archive

Upload full resolution pictures up to 10MB to Livingrm. Not only your friends can view your pictures in great detail, you can also use Livingrm as your online photo storage. Livingrm comes with free 8 GB photo space and you can upgrade to unlimted storage option later when you need more space.


Use "Posts" to share your thoughts and status with friends or, to take personal notes. Livingrm automatically turn your updates into a "Post log" for you. You can edit, set visibility, add photos and link to each post.


Feeds are one of the way your friends write to you, so Livingrm archives all feeds for you. You can delete older Feeds or choose to save them to review again later.


Use Items and Albums to give your profile some personality, or use an image as your header background. It's your livingrm!

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